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All you and your tykes can expect at Children's Place Learning Center is an all day, everyday fill of wonderful opportunities for fun, friendship, and, knowledge!
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About Us

Children’s Place Learning Center is a child learning center based in Miami, Florida that yearns to give kids the knowledge and care their eager minds want to grasp. With our educational tactics, you never have to worry about your child not achieving the kind of learning their curiosity deserves.

At Children’s Place Learning Center, you can be sure your children can experience and acquire:

•Building Bonds
Having your child learn with us is beneficial in more ways than just a brilliant education. Being in an educational center can give way to making new and lasting friendships for your kids. They will be able to spend time, get to know other, share and play with toddlers their age. This will help inculcate open social behaviors and start good-standing relationships.

•Enjoyable Activities
We provide fun programs and games that children can look forward to. This will develop their reading, writing, active, and creative skills. We want them to enjoy their time with us as much as they can, explore new things, and learn exponentially along the way. We continue to resonate wonderful experiences through interactive activities, self-expression and peer strength that open their paths toward success.

•Good Values
Our dynamic teachers uphold strong and positive morals that they can echo to these kids so in turn they will possess a wholesome self-image. We aim to teach them values that are long-lasting and these include obedience, manners, respect, independence and discipline.

Children’s Place Learning Center is a state-certified and fully licensed child learning center that gives kids a great opportunity to grow in newfound friendships, strong morals, a rewarding education, and a bright future ahead.

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