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All you and your tykes can expect at Children's Place Learning Center is an all day, everyday fill of wonderful opportunities for fun, friendship, and, knowledge!
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The youngest learners at Children’s Place are well on their way to a lifetime of knowledge with our fully engaging and and highly-effective infant program. At Children’s Place Learning Center, toddlers are immersed with stimulating hands-on play where they can truly experience what it means to be an infant growing up in an atmosphere of delight.

Children’s Place is a place for love, growth and discovery, and we make each activity uniquely designed to assist your child in achieving developmental milestones while having fun at the same time. We want them to relish on being an infant at this stage where interaction and play is of great importance.

Our Infant Program characterizes:

  • A comforting place that focuses on love and trust in imbuing for your child these significant values at their early stage.
  • Daily exercises and activities designed to coincide with your infant’s physical development.
  • Language, social skills, and interaction with other infants that will help your baby develop peer communication skills during their early years.
  • Daily reports provided for parents, keeping you informed of the positive developments of your child.
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