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All you and your tykes can expect at Children's Place Learning Center is an all day, everyday fill of wonderful opportunities for fun, friendship, and, knowledge!
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We understand how important your little ones are to you. That is why strive on treating them like our own. Even if you have many obligations to deal with such as work, household, and most importantly your kids, it’s our job to lend a helping hand. We want you to place your trust on us, and partner with you in giving your child a happy place to learn, play, and inspire.

Parents at Children’s Place Learning Center are able to:

  • Enter the premises during class hours
  • Escort their kids to and from the classrooms
  • Inform our administration if your child may not be present that day due to illness or other family reasons
  • Provide lunch and snack packs for their little ones
  • Provide diapers, powder and other products for maintaining hygiene
  • Sign your child in and out of school on a daily basis
  • Take home worn items such as blankets and clothing

Below are a few resources that can help address your parenting concerns:

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