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All you and your tykes can expect at Children's Place Learning Center is an all day, everyday fill of wonderful opportunities for fun, friendship, and, knowledge!
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Pre-Kindergarten Program

We will prepare your child towards their formative and higher years of education. Children’s Place Learning Center offers pre-kindergarten learning programs for your kids to grow with intelligent and right minds. We know this stage at the starting point of education is very important, that is why we continue to provide our learning center with well-rounded teachers.

Our staff teaches with, and provides resourceful educational materials such as storybooks, knowledgeable references, drawing tools, puzzles, and computer games for them to fully achieve an efficient learning experience as they are in this delicate learning stage.

At Children’s Place Learning Center, early Childhood pedagogy is what we do best, and we maintain a strict standard of efficiency in applying for your kid’s full learning capacity. For your child’s overall development, decide on us, because we always surpass the standards of early education.

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